Eligible Vendor Fee Schedule

When eligible vendors are invited via email to participate, they will be linked to an online store set up with reservation “inventory” assigned to both Maker Lodge members(alumni group) and regular vendors. For any of the three main events, you pay the “regular” reservation, then you can go back at a later date to pay balances by the due date.

Micro-payment options are available for balances. You can pay in small amounts anytime you like, as long as it adds up to the fee total by the event balance due date. Make sure you choose “Regular” options from the drop-downs. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions! Reservations for other invite-only small markets and pop-ups will only be listed as balance payments. Any uninvited purchases will be refunded upon discovery.

Event: The Big Glamp Strange Folk Festival Wundermarket
Reservation (due within invitation window) $75 $75 $75
Fee Balance: $200 $300 $125
Balance Due Date (adjusted for late invites): May 16th July 31st October 15th

Online Store Screenshots

Online fee store sections include RESERVATION and corresponding BALANCE payment options for BOTH Maker Lodge and regular eligible vendors. Choose appropriate payments on item menus.
Making a reservation for Strange Folk Festival


Micro-payment Example: Pay balance off in $50 increments at your convenience before the due date. “#x” is how many $50 payments you need to make in that time if you don’t pay the entire balance at once.


Paying fee balance for Strange Folk Festival all at once.


The first step is filling out our eligibility assessment. The next is to keep an eye on your inbox for invites from strangefolkfestival@gmail.com – we’ll link you to all the right info and actions.

2018 Vendor Eligibility Assessment