Current enrollment options include The Big Glamp 🏕✨ May 31st – June 2nd & Enchanted Uprising 💎✨ September 27th – 29th, 2019. 

See guide below for upcoming Strange Folk vendor application windows. You’ll also find forms for food vendors and offbeat proposals at the bottom of this page.

Spring 2019 ApplicationMarch 4th – April 15thThe Big Glamp 2019, Enchanted Uprising 2019April 19th
Summer 2019 ApplicationJuly 1st – August 12thEnchanted Uprising 2019, Wundermarket 2019, The Big Glamp 2020August 16th
Spring 2020 ApplicationMarch 4th – April 15thThe Big Glamp 2020, Darkest Timeline 2020April 19th
Summer 2020 ApplicationJuly 1st – August 12thDarkest Timeline 2020, Wundermarket 2020, The Big Glamp 2021August 16th

Operating Details

Strange Folk Festival is 13-year-running nationally recognized indie craft show known for its eclectic variety of artists, indie makers, designers, and vintage curators. We are entering our 3rd season hosting outdoor events in beautiful Carondelet Park! Attendance in September has ranged from 10,000-20,000 annually over the last decade. The festival is branded, styled, and operated by it’s original founder, Autumn Wiggins, with creative and logistical contributions by many supportive individuals and entities. Check out a collection of over 4,000 photos of #strangefolkfestival on Instagram to see all the makers, fun, and fur babies for yourself.  

Text “strangefolkapps” to 55222 for links to online forms when annual event applications go live,and once more prior to deadlines.

Info for Food Vendors

Be you great big BBQ trailer or humble lemonade stand, we may be interested in having you at Strange Folk! We curate our selection of food/drink vendors each year, accept cuisine types on a first-come-first-serve basis, and will be in contact promptly after you fill out the application.

The fee is $75/day and you may choose individual dates if you can’t set up for the whole weekend. Submit your info by April 31st to be considered for THE BIG GLAMP and by August 31st for Strange Folk Festival. 

Offbeat Proposals

Square peg in a round hole? We’ve had everything from The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile to 3D printer demos, yarn bombers, and flying trapeze lessons over the years. What unique experience can your company or organization bring to the fest? Tell us about it! Submit your info by April 31st to be considered for THE BIG GLAMP and by August 31st for Strange Folk Festival. We’ll be in contact promptly after you submit to discuss details. 

Volunteer Mailing List

We’re not sure what we’d do without you! At this time it’s uncertain where you’ll be needed most, as the festival works with groups and sponsors to fill many duties. Anyways, do you like riding in golf carts? Sign up and we’ll email you as soon as our needs are assessed.

Vendor Sponsorships

Eligible returning vendors can secure upfront acceptance, bypass application fees and save over $300 in annual vendor fees by signing up for Vendor Sponsorship.